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Tuesday Treat: Massage

In the middle of the holiday rush, nothing feels better than taking an hour or so out to relax and have your muscles unknotted by a good masseuse.  Sounds like a Tuesday Treat to me! 

I, like many, used to think of massage as a luxury, a once and a while treat.  I would indulge occasionally on vacations (the spa at the ITC Sheraton in Agra, India is INSANE) and at home.  My favorite place to head for a spa style massage treat in Seattle is Spa Scotta, where Theresa can release the tension I hold in my neck and shoulders in minutes.  I usually choose the 60 minute custom massage, but occasionally indulge in a full 90 minutes of tension releasing bliss.

In June, I was in a car accident and that led me to learn, first-hand, about the serious therapeutic side of massage.  My doctor prescribed weekly massage therapy visits and those visits helped my recovery more than muscle relaxers and physical therapy combined.  Now this was not relaxing, zone out and de-stress massage.  This was serious deep tissue, let’s get things back in line style massage.  But, you know what, it worked.  On one of my earliest visits, the therapist did a certain type of release that literally made me feel like I was going to lose my lunch (he warned me first) but that resulted in a 80% release of the pain I had been holding in my lower back.  My visits have decreased to about every other week and I am hopeful that I will be fully recovered soon.  Having learned the benefits of regular massage, however, I’m likely to stick with it.

It turns out that massage can be relatively affordable too.  If you have a doctor’s prescription your insurance may cover it, at least in part.  If not, there are many other options.  For example, the massage therapy center I go to (Greenlake Massage) currently has a deal where if you buy a package of 5 one-hour massages the massages cost $60 each.  Also, see if there is a massage therapy school in your area, many offer massage clinics, where you get a student massage (supervised usually) at a low price.  My friend frequented the massage school in Santa Rosa, CA when she lived there and said it was addictive.  In Seattle, you can go to the Northwest Academy and get a one-hour massage for $35.  If you’re on the Eastside, you can check out Bellevue Massage School, their sessions are more limited but a one hour massage costs $33, $28 if you’re 55 or older.

So, find yourself an option that fits within your budget and get out there and get a massage!


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  1. Awww … I think I need a Tuesday treat … what a great idea! 🙂

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