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Not much to report today because I am in a work whirlwind at the moment!  Nonetheless, I broke out for tennis lessons last night.  It was evaluation night and I am pleased to announce that my instructor evaluation allows me to skip the beginner level (you start in “Intro”) and move on to Advanced Beginner!  Very cool, now I just have to manage to get into a class – sign-ups start at noon on Thursday and apparently it’s an online madhouse.

After tennis, I was pleasantly surprised to come home and find my husband and my friend Niki having a glass of wine (she had stopped by to drop off some ladders we had left at her house).  This turned into a complete hang-out session including a 10pm dinner of veggie fried rice and garland hanging in the living room.  She’s coming over on Thursday to help us trim our tree and we’ve declared it a Pagliacci Pizza and beer night.

This morning started with an allergy shot (itch) and is moving into a full-on, flat-out work day.  Let the whirlwind begin!

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