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I am sorry to report that while I am on the mend, I am still sick . . .  and as my husband says, I’m miserable at being sick. 

Last night I was supposed to join 10 others for my friend Pallavi’s birthday at Elemental (a restaurant I haven’t been to and really want to try) but I was foiled by my cold.  As I didn’t want to pass on my sickness, my husband went without me and sent my good wishes.  He had a wonderful time, reported back that not only was the food superb but that he, Mr. Picky Eater Extraordinaire, tried lots of new things he formerly wouldn’t touch – like Portobello mushrooms – and loved them!  Score one for the chefs!

This weekend we’re taking it easy.  I’m going to try out a recipe for broccoli quiche tonight and we’re going to spend the weekend making Christmas garlands for the living room (the dining room is done), putting up the garland for the staircase, and buying and decorating our Christmas tree! 

I’m also hoping we can make serious progress toward finishing up our painting project in the guest bedroom and find a paint color for the other guest room.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a color?  Following Feng Shui principles, it needs to be in the white, pink or red families and the furniture in the room is cherry mahogany – not an easy fit.  I’ve suggested using the same cream that is now in our bedroom but my husband wants more of a “color.”  My Mom and sister Kate are coming for Christmas so we need to get everything finished well before then.

We might be able to fit in a movie – I want to see “Good Hair” but my husband refuses – I think we can both agree on Brothers, so we’ll see if that happens.  I’m definitely getting back on the treadmill as I’m falling way behind in Amanda’s Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge and if I’m ever going to run even a 5K I need to start making the transition from walking to running!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  1. What’s the plan to transition to running? I need to start, too ….

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