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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Spice Bars

Pumpkin Spice Bars

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.  We are supposed to be mindful of what we are thankful for today.  I try to be mindful of it more than once a year, and while there are always some constants, people and things get added.  So, today I am thankful for:

My husband, who is thoughtful, loving and caring, keeps me intellectually stimulated constantly thanks to some serious smarts, and is sexy as hell.

 My Family: Mom, Kate, Jennifer, Dad, Stacey and Dani I am so thankful to have you in my life.

My Extended Family: Laura, you have gone above and beyond for me more than once and I am very thankful.  Lauren and Jamie thank you for being welcoming stepkids and not the type of stepkid I was 😉 (sorry Laura).  Elsie, Kathy, Dave, Michael, Kristen, Kurt, Sandee, Scott, and Bob, I couldn’t have asked for a better family to marry into – no horrible in-law stories here!  

Good Friends:  Jen and Tal, you have been with me through thick and thin and I can always count on you to be there supporting me and cheering for me whether my position is right or wrong.  Jules, you always offer good, sane counsel even if I don’t like it – you are bar none the best college roommate ever.  To my OC girls, Ana, Monique, Keli, and Tami – I miss you guys and am so thankful we get to catch up regularly.  Niki, Pallavi and Ash, Marjorie and Tim, Chad and Wendi and Mike, thanks for making the transition to Seattle less painful and Marjorie thank you for all your patience and knitting guruness.  Marita, it has been so great to reconnect with you, this year.  Marcy, I am very thankful we met this year, every time we reconnect it’s a blast!  Julie, thanks for keeping an eye on my sis.  To everyone else, even though we don’t see each other very often, I am thankful to have you in my life and thankful for the moments of connection we still get.

Fellow Bloggers:  Diana, keep it coming with the fabulous recipes, it was so nice meeting you and hope to reconnect again soon.  Kath, thanks for posting your recommended reading list – working my way through it and loving it.  Amanda, thanks for inspiring me to get my bootie in gear!  Lindsey and Jenna, thanks for being so honest and offering such great perspective.  Julie, thanks for keeping me updated on Healdsburg!

I am also thankful for good health, a roof over my head, more than enough food on the table, and the ability to help others who need help.

And, I am super grateful for this period of retreat!  As many of you know, I have opted to spend the Thanksgiving holiday solo.  It started Tuesday night when my husband left for Portland.  Yesterday was my first full day alone, although it didn’t feel like it since (1) I was at the office all day; and (2) my husband called me five times – I think he was afraid I was lonely, I wasn’t.  Still, I enjoyed an after-work hour-long Pilates session and went home and indulged in leftover pizza, Sleepless in Seattle – I was never a fan but hadn’t seen it in years and it was on, so much fun to watch now that I live in Seattle and can recognize most of the spots – some knitting (I have a scarf I’m trying to finish for Jim, it’s taken about 7 months at this point because I am a novice knitter and not that dedicated), and late night baking in the form of Pumpkin Spice Bars a la Betty Crocker.

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