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An Hour With an Intuitive (That’s Just a Fancy Word for Psychic)

I’ve never been one to close a door due to disbelief.  And while I have a healthy dose of skepticism it’s balanced out by an abnormal dose of curiosity.  So I have to admit I’ve dabbled in the “intuitive arts.” 

On a trip to New Orleans in 2002, my sister and I headed to the Bottom of the Cup for tea leaf readings.  First, I have to say that the Bottom of the Cup has some pretty awesome tea.  I brought two bags home and really want to go back and get some more (totally cheap excuse for a trip to New Orleans, I know).  Both of our sessions were taped and at the time, mine was pretty accurate on some fronts and very insightful as far as identifying patterns I hadn’t picked up on (I always made changes, job, etc. at certain times of the year).  I can’t find my tape so I can’t tell you  how accurate it was as far as future events, but my sister listened to her tape last night and told me it was primarily focussed on new beginnings.  She got pregnant on that trip. 

There was a period of time between 2003 and 2004 where I consulted tarot cards (dealt by myself and interpreted with a book) pretty regularly.  Skill must matter, because with me interpreting, the cards failed to tell me that I was involved with, as my sister named him, a gay married gypsy.  He wasn’t actually gay (I don’t think) or a gypsy or married but it did turn out that while we were dating for a year he was living with and eventually engaged to someone else.  I fortuitously broke up with him 6 months before the big day and two months later (when he was still e-mailing me) found out he was engaged – while shopping for a friend’s present on Wedding Channel.com I had a sudden impulse to input his name and lo and behold wedding info and their story said they met at a gay bar (intuition and curiosity can be useful)!  So my sister wasn’t that far off . . . but I digress.

Lately my world has been buzzing with talk of “intuitives.”  One of my best friends consults two pretty regularly and swears by them.  Other women I know have randomly let drop that they consult intuitives.  These are not flaky or superstitious women.   These are successful, career women with serious power and position.  When yet another woman I know let drop that she consults intuitives too (totally as an aside and not on topic), I figured maybe someone was trying to send me a big hint.  So, I phoned up one of my friend’s intuitives (she’s in Colorado) and scheduled a session.

I phoned up Aleta at our scheduled time and settled in with a notepad and pen so I could take notes during our session.  She started with numerology, using my birth date to determine my “life lesson number,” which apparently is the number stamped on you at birth that provides a map to your purpose in this life.  Next up was my year cycle number.  This number goes birth year to birth year.  Mine was a 44 – a year that’s all about foundation, structure and building.  Apparently it’s an excellent year to master the foundation of what I want to build.  It also indicates that it’s time for me to set boundaries with other people – that would be nice, I know I need to learn to say no more often. 

After the numerology it was time for a tarot card reading.  I’m not going to get into details – because it’s my reading after all.  But, I’ll give you some highlights and if predictions come true I’ll let you know down the road.  The biggest, huh, there might be something to this moment was when, Aleta said, “You’ve had some health problems this year.  I sense allergies, and that you’re still exposed to a big one, something chemical I think.”  I was literally sick January through May of this year and it turned out to be allergies and mild asthma.  That chemical thing?  My husband is a smoker (ugh – I know – the things we put up with for love), and yes, it physically bothers me. 

Mixed in with my reading was just some plain old common sense, such as you need to let go of emotional baggage, what’s in the past is in the past.  Get rid of it by writing letters to get it off your chest and then burning them.  If you don’t let go of your emotional issues it will influence you physically, etc.  This stuff has all been scientifically proven, and it was helpful to be reminded of.

So, was my psychic, psychic?  I don’t yet know.  She did divine some things that she really could have had no way of knowing.  Maybe she’s a lucky guesser, maybe she’s just really good at reading people, maybe most people have the same general issues, maybe there’s more to it than that.  I’ll give it some time to play out and I’ll let you know if anything comes true along the way.  For now though, I had a really interesting hour-long conversation with a woman who was genuinely likeable.  That alone was a worthy experience.


4 Responses

  1. For numerology and tarot cards, no.

  2. Do you feel like you’re missing out not being face-to-face???

  3. What did you pay her and was it worth it?

    • $90 for one hour. Was it worth it? I thought it was an interesting exercise and there was were some solid common sense recommendations. Will future type predictions come true? Too early to tell.

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