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It’s Thursday: Try Something New

Ah Thursday, so close to Friday, yet not.  The perfect way to add some zest is to try something new.  It can be something big or something small, just do something. 

On the small side, my husband and I have both recently tried turnips and found out we love them.  I convinced my sister Stacey to try roasted brussels sprouts at Willi’s Seafood and Raw Bar in Healdsburg and a brussels sprout convert was born (the roasted brussels sprouts at Willi’s were sooooo good – they were accented with linguica sausage, apples, currants and blue cheese).  My husband will now eat kale and thanks to heirloom tomatoes, he now loves tomatoes too.

On the medium scale, I tried pilates over a year ago and found out it was a great way for me to work on my core and that it is exercise I actually enjoy (concept).  Two weeks ago, I started tennis lessons and am having a blast and discovering muscles I didn’t even know existed.  Next up, may be aerial ballet.  Ever since Tomb Raider 2 I’ve been pretty intrigued and there’s a place in town that offers it sooo . . .  once my back is completely back to normal (car accident in June) . . . why not?

On the big side, I made a leap of faith, pulled up and moved to Seattle to get married and start a new life with my husband.  Changing cities and weather systems – now that’s something new!

The truth is every time I’ve tried something new, be it food, a sport, a new restaurant, even a new author, it’s enriched my life in some way (even bad experiences are things we can learn from).  It also helps shake things up and keep us from falling into a rut. 

So, go out and do something new today or this weekend, and then tell me all about it!  I’d love to hear your experiences and ideas.

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