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Tuesday Treat: Black Arkansas Apples

Black Arkansas Apples

Black Arkansas Apples

This Tuesday’s treat is courtesy of my husband who was forced to go solo to the University Farmer’s Market this weekend to pick up our CSA box.  I also asked him to pick up some honeycrisp apples for me and that’s when he went rogue! 

While choosing honeycrisps for me he naturally struck up a conversation with the woman at the fruit stand; he’s pretty outgoing and an unabashed flirt 😉  She told him about Black Arkansas apples and told him he just had to get some for me to try.  He did.

When we met at the airport yesterday (I was arriving home from Healdsburg, he was arriving home from an overnight business trip in San Diego), he told me about his adventures in apple purchasing.  That night he insisted that I try these new fangled apples.  After a thrown together veggie fried rice dinner (broccoli – including the leaves – carrots and onions from our CSA), we cut up a Black Arkansas apple for dessert.

WOW!  Tart, sweet, tangy, crisp, delicious dark red color.  Everything you could ask for and more.  Perfect for an inexpensive, Tuesday Treat.  Get them while you can!


2 Responses

  1. I love, love, love honey crisp apples and have the best recipie for an apple dessert pancake.

  2. Those are great apples!

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