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Portillo’s and The Fume

I flew up to Sonoma today to spend the weekend in Healdsburg with three of my four sisters (only two of us have the same complete set of parents and four of us have the same dad – so California) for my Dad’s b’day.  The idea was that we would all fly in and surprise him.  Planning apparently is no one’s strong point, however, as the most obvious thing – checking his calendar – didn’t happen until everyone had already bought their plane tickets.  My older sis, Stacey arrived yesterday  in Oakland at noon, I arrived in Santa Rosa at 4 pm, my youngest sister arrives at 9 pm tonight, Jen lives in Healdsburg.  Dad?  He’s in the Mid-West for work and should arrive home, oh about 2 am Saturday morning – SURPRISE!!  Oh well, more time for sisterhood bonding aka wine tasting and shopping. 

The bonding started for the 21 and over set last night.  Stacey picked me up from the airport and after popping by Jen’s office we headed to Trader Joe’s for some provisions.  After grabbing essentials, like cranberry chevre, we headed over to Jen’s house for dinner.  Her husband Dave was already getting dinner . . . defrosted. 

That’s right, defrosted.  But this was no Hungry Man dinner.  Dave was preparing Portillo’s Italian Beef sandwiches.  Real Chicago Italian Beef delivered to your door.  Soft white Hoagie rolls, generous rich Italian Beef, cooked but still crisp sweet peppers and spicy giardiniera.  I’m not a frozen food fan, but I am officially sold on Portillo’s. 

Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwiches

Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwiches

We paired our Italian Beef’s with Zapp’s Hotter n Hot Jalapeno Potato Chips – dangerous – and Murphy-Goode’s Sauvignon Blanc, “The Fume.”  I am constantly amazed by how many things The Fume works with, from a cheese platter, to moules and frites, to Italian Beef.  Dave, you make a great wine!

We ended the night with Turtle Cheesecake – chocolate cheesecake with caramel sauce and pecans.  So good and so one of the many reasons I am now off to the gym.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, sounds like a great time and great food too! 🙂 I love what you are doing with your blog & love your great taste in food and life in general..very inspiring. Take care.
    XO Arline In the Bond, just kidding…ahhhh AXO memories 😉

  2. I am not from Chicago but live there now and I whole-heartedly agree that Portillo’s rocks! If you ever get this way also try Al’s#1. It’s the original and it is also off the charts good!

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