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Making Time For Each Other

When the everyday chaos of life picks up speed it’s easy to push your significant other, friends and even your family to the bottom of your priority list.  We tend to put work first because our husband, wife, kids will be there when the latest work crisis is over, right?  Maybe.  But kids grow up quickly, friendships drift apart and relationships fizzle out.  What to do? 

My husband and I accidentally landed on a way to make sure we have dedicated one on one time regularly.  We call them “Friday afternoons.”  Most Fridays, we commit to coming home “early,” by 5:30 pm or so.  We open a bottle of wine, head to the living room and just hang out.  While we sip our wine we talk about our respective weeks, interesting things we’ve read in the paper or in a book or heard on the news, or whatever else comes to mind.  If we’re meeting up with friends that night or have to work late, we may only have an hour together, but it makes a difference.  Getting to connect regularly and converse about something other than what’s on our schedule or what errand needs to be run reminds us why we’re together in the first place. 

Likewise, when I lived in Orange County, my girlfriends and I would make sure we all got together at least once per month for dinner and a long catch-up session.  We would pick out a restaurant to try or go to an old favorite, head over at 6:30 and stay until we were the last table left.  We always ended up spending half the night laughing and sharing and hashing out our respective problems. We still try to make this happen whenever I end up back in town and even though I live two states away our friendships are as strong as ever. 

I don’t think anything makes the human experience as interesting as relationships and interactions.  E-mail, Twitter and Facebook are great but nothing beats the real thing.  Carve out some time for face-to-face or even one-on-one phone time with the people in your life and you’ll definitely feel the better for it.


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  1. So true! Eric and I have “us days” on Mondays where we both finish work by 1 and spend the rest of the day and evening together. We do our best not to schedule anything on Mondays and to make that time really quality.

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