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Wine Finds

Beronia Rioja 2004 Reserva

Beronia Rioja 2004 Reserva

By now you probably have gathered that I’m pretty much a foodie.  Well, I love my wine too.  Many of my most relaxing and enjoyable moments have been over a glass of wine, whether relaxing at home, at an enoteca in Italy with my husband, or at a bar with my girlfriends.  Traveling to both Italy and France has emboldened my husband and me to be adventurous (reckless to some) in our wine selection process.  In Italy, many of the house wines are extremely drinkable and you can always get directed to a good and relatively inexpensive (10 euros or less) bottle of wine in any Italian or French wine shop.   We’ve found the same pretty much holds true at home.

Always on hand at home is Murphy-Goode (full disclosure, the winemaker is my brother-in-law) for the Snake Eyes and Liar’s Dice Zinfandels, the Terra Lago Cab, the Island Block Chardonnay and the Reserve Fume.  For girlie champagne I favor Toad Hollow’s Risque.  For special occasion champagne Veuve or Domaine Carneros Blanc de Noir (not always available).  With Indian food, Conundrum hits the spot.

At restaurants we choose varietals and ask for suggestions within those varietals.  Our favorites are Italian Nebbiolos, Super  pre=”Super “>Tuscans, and Valpiocellos, French Bordeaux (Red and White) and Cotes de Rhone, and Spanish Tempranillos, Riojas and Albarinos.  We have favorite places to peruse for wine as well, European Vines, The Paris Grocery, The Spanish Table and yes, Costco, cause you never know what you may find.  Most recently, my husband was directed toward a  Beronia Rioja 2004 Reserva at European Vines.  It is delicioso!  Complex, bold, the perfect pre-dinner, end of a long work day treat.  Plus, at only $19, it’s a steal.

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