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Tuesday is Treat Day

Black Cherry Confit

Black Cherry Confit

It’s Tuesday, which means the weekend is a faint blur and the next weekend is too far away, yet again.  To make Tuesday a bit more bearable, I am officially declaring Tuesday, treat day!  These treats don’t need to be expensive (although if you are financially able, they can be), they need only be something you would like but would not normally indulge in.  Today is your day to try out a new restaurant, take a long hot bath, go to a movie your significant other or friends refuse to see, take the time to cook a fresh meal, or buy yourself a little item you consider an indulgence.  It is important to take care of yourself and these little treats are a way to remind yourself that you are important too and that you can and have to come first at least sometimes.


For this week, my indulgence is Black Cherry Confit.  I’ve often found that the smallest indulgences wind up being the most satisfying.  Black Cherry Confit is one of those.  I found mine at the French Paris Grocery in Seattle and at $7.20 for 4.4 oz it is an indulgence.  The taste reminds me of summer and picnics and the sun warming you as you relax in the garden.  I put mine on a piece of homemade bread (my great-grandma’s recipe), with a generous coating of plain chevre.  The sweetness of the confit mixes well with the tartness of the chevre and the bread provides substance and a little nuttiness without overwhelming the other flavors.  Who knew so much happiness could be found in such a little jar?

Black Cherry Confit and Chevre

Black Cherry Confit and Chevre


4 Responses

  1. That looks so good! Hmmm, I’m going to have to go have some homemade jam now. I’ve got a craving!

  2. So many possibilities with that jar—a treat indeed!

  3. Oh, wow, that looks incredibly delicious! I would love this black cherry confit!

  4. yumm! I would like a slice of that please

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