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Overnight Escape to the Edgewater

The Edgewater

The Edgewater

Sometimes it’s fun to play tourist in your own town.  For my husband and me it’s also very necessary to remove ourselves from our everyday lives so we can focus on each other instead of work, weeding the front yard (we have grass runners from hell and ferns that won’t die), laundry, groceries, home repair/remodel, etc. 

With both of those thoughts in mind, I bought an overnight package for the Edgewater hotel at a silent auction benefitting Puget Sound Susan G. Komen.  The package included one night in a waterside room, breakfast for two and complimentary valet parking.  This weekend we took our minibreak. 

The Edgewater is located on Pier 67 and one of the quintessential Seattle photos is of the Beatles fishing off the balcony of their room there.  The Edgewater is basically an L shape and one entire side has rooms facing the water and the opposite side faces the city.  We were on the waterside in a “premier” room, meaning we had an oversize bath and claw foot tub but, alas no balcony.  We did, however, have a gorgeous view with a window that opened and a charming fireplace (all of the rooms have gas fireplaces, as the rooms connect the fireplaces to a thermostat and use them as a heat source).  Still, if I had it to do over, I would have given up the tub and switched to a balcony room. 

After an effortless check-in we spent a little time in the room admiring the view and then took off to the Bell Street Diner to catch the end of the Huskies game (against Notre Dame and yes, the Huskies were robbed on a reversed touchdown that was pretty obviously a touchdown and a Bush Push style 2 point conversion).

Following the Huskies’ demise, we went on a wander to Western Ave and The Spanish Table’s latest venture; The French Grocery.  The French Grocery has a really solid French wine selection, confits and other delectable goodies from France,  books about France, and of course, cheese.  Warning, in contrast to the Spanish Table it is a bit sparse right now as it just opened.  We picked up two bottles of Bordeaux, a Cote-de-Rhone, a black cherry confit (unbelievable on some simple chevre) and Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume II (the volume with the bread).  I will be heading back to the French Grocery time and again, I guarantee it.

We also stopped by The Spanish Table and picked up a Rioja and a Tempranillo.  Loaded down with our purchases, we headed back to the Edgewater, popped open a bottle of Bordeaux and drank in the wine and the view for a few hours before heading to dinner.  Dinner ended up being at Steelhead Diner but that adventure is a post in itself.  

We wrapped up our mini-break the next day with brunch at the Edgewater’s restaurant Six Seven.  For about $35 per person you get access to a room full of delectable dishes.  Being traditionalists, we started with the omelette station and had scrambles filled with veggies for me, ham, bacon, onions and cheese for my husband.  He piled on the bacon and sausage and grabbed some brie to “round out” his Round One.  I added some breakfast potatoes (regular potatoes mixed with sweet potatoes – so good), bacon and a slice of baguette french toast.  The bacon was perfectly cooked – crisp but not too crisp, the veggies were fresh and the eggs were not too firm, just the way I like them.  The baguette french toast was an interesting twist and stood up well against syrup instead of turning into mush like most french toast does.

Round Two was fruit and cheese for me.  Desserts for my husband.  (Round Three was desserts for me, cheese for him).  Our cheese selection consisted of a traditional brie (nice, but I prefer double or triple creams), cheddar, a soft mustard flavored cheddar and a creamy garlic and herb chevre.  Fruit choices were traditional honeydew, cantaloupe and pineapple but with loads of berries.  Dessert-wise we collectively tried the mini-blintzes, poundcake with chocolate fondue, a white chocolate raspberry petit-four, chocolate covered strawberries, a chocolate cream cheese bar and a mixed berry cobbler.  We unanimously agreed that the cobbler was the hit.  I also really enjoyed the petit-four. 

Sated we headed back to our room to enjoy the view for a few more moments before heading  back to the real world.

Side view of the Edgewater

Side view of the Edgewater


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  1. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my blog!

    And hey, I’m actually from Seattle – we moved to Vancouver, BC in 2003. We used to live in the Ravenna area.

    Love your blog! 🙂


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