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Friday Means Pilates

Now that my month of traveling has wound down and my office move is complete, I can get back to my regular routine.  For me, Fridays mean pilates. 

I have a standing “date” with my pilates instructor, Amy, Friday mornings at 9am (her first appointment time).  For one hour she guides me through different exercises aimed at fixing my serious sway-back, toning up my core and if needed, stretching out the muscles that hurt.  We use the reformer, the mat and all kinds of interesting devices along the way. 

I was in a car accident in June and once I was cleared to go back to pilates (about 2 months after the accident) it seriously helped reduce the neck and back pain I had been suffering from.  I also think the year of pilates I had done before the accident reduced my injuries and helped me get back on my feet sooner, as my friend who was with me is still having serious pain.

This month, Shape magazine is doing a “Pilates for Pink” campaign to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  This is a great way to try out pilates, via a group class and benefit a good cause.  While it’s not the same as private instruction, its much more practical for most and still can give you a rocking core!

Info and locations nationwide offering classes can be found at http://www.shapeonline.com/pfp/.

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