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Giving Up the Home Office and Movin Downtown

View from my new office

View from my new office

Last night I relocated my office from home to downtown Seattle.  I thought long and hard about the move (after all I had resisted a formal office for over two years).  On the downside, I now have to work more (downtown office space does not come cheap) and sweats are no longer acceptable attire.  On the plus side, I now have downtown parking, am only a few blocks from Pike Place Market (hello fresh food), and no longer have 24/7 access to my refrigerator and pantry (hoping to lose some of the 15 pounds I’ve put on in the home office without trying).   Truth be told, the view sold me. 

Day 1 has been interesting.  Morning started off well with the heater kicking in before I showered.  Enjoyed my breakfast of champions – Trader Joe’s vanilla flavored organic greek yogurt mixed with Kashi Go Lean Crunch – while reading the paper.  Commute took longer than expected but was still under 15 minutes so can’t complain.  Loving having a Mini as I scored a super sweet spot next to the elevators on the second floor where all other spots were filled. 

One hour in, started receiving phone calls on my cell phone saying my new office phone numbers weren’t working.  Hmm, worked with client services, who fixed the problem quickly but had to assign new numbers.  Good thing I’ve been lazy and  haven’t ordered business cards yet. 

New keyboard and mouse arrived today, but computer is still being built and isn’t due to arrive until October 12 – huh.  So working away on the laptop.  Not comfortable because I can’t figure out how to adjust my chair. 

Received gorgeous flowers from my bosses telling me to enjoy and work  . . . lots. 

Wandered down to the kitchen for some tea and was stupified by the high tech coffee/tea machine.  Luckily, a nice man named Larry was there to walk me through it.  Decent tea selection that includes chai and green, very workable. 

Starving around 11 so rationed myself 1/2 a Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick Bar (this tastes way too good to be healthy).   Gave into the hunger cravings around 1:30 and headed outside to find lunch.  Found Jimmy John’s.  Yum, roast beef, lettuce, mayo, tomato and cheese on a hogie.  I went lite on the mayo and skipped the chips – so virtuous 😉

Back to work.  More tea jaunts and a hot coco jaunt for good measure, really warming up to this high tech drink dispenser plus kitchen is at the far end of the floor so I must be getting some extra exercise right?

Figured out how to adjust chair – hurrah!

Hungry again, so the other half of my Luna bar has to last me til I head home at 6:30 or so.  We’ll see if this move leads to effortless weight loss, until then, I’m enjoying the view.


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  1. You have an AWESOME view! What do you do for your job?

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