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Apparently Season 2 – 9 Months of Rain – Has Begun

It started pouring today – probably an hour ago – two hours before I drive to West Seattle for dinner at Spring Hill.  Even though I should know better, the Southern California girl in me hears the rain, shrugs, and thinks it will be sunny tomorrow.   And then. . .  I talk to my husband.  The conversation generally goes something like this:

Me:  “It’s pouring outside, I’m going to have to rethink my shoe selection.”

Him: “Yeah, I should probably take the window fans out tonight.”

Me:  “Why, it’ll be sunny tomorrow, right?”

Him: “Honey.  It’s over.  We’ve officially entered Season 2 – 9 months of rain and gray.”

And then I cry. 

Ok, not really, well, maybe just a little bit on the inside.  So, goodbye strappy sandals and flip flops, goodbye short sleeve tops and dresses, goodbye sun.  Hello boots, sweaters and Vitamin D supplements. 

Alaska Air get ready for some serious mileage accrual, I’ll be seeking out the sun soon!

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