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Falling Down On the Job: Sorry for Being MIA

I’ve spent most of this month traveling.  First, I spent a week in NYC for fun and the US Open, next I traveled to LA to help my lil sis move into UCLA, and finally I spent a week in Orange County for work.  I had some amazing experiences on my travels, like watching Del Potro beat Federer in 5 sets in the Men’s Singles Finals at the US Open.  Some emotional ones – can’t believe my baby sister is starting college.  And got to spend time with my OC friends in the midst of some serious workdays.

I got back Wednesday late night and played hooky from work and life Thursday and Friday to celebrate my birthday.  Now that I’m officially another year older and hopefully a bit wiser, I can admit flat out that I have totally fallen down on the job keeping you guys updated.  And the worst part is I’ve had lots to update you on!  So, I am now officially back on the ball, I plan to stay that way, and in between keeping you updated on current happenings I will recount some of the excitement that kept me away from my computer over the past month (rodeo, US Open, theater, moving, hellish fitness classes anyone?).     

Sorry for being such a slacker and thanks for sticking with me!

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