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US Open Semifinals From the Cheap Seats

We spent today, day 7 in New York, at the semi-finals of the US Open.  The only tickets we could acquire from the evil dictator Ticketmaster were Row Z – seriously – the very last row in the stadium.  And I have to say, they actually weren’t that bad.  We could clearly see all of the Court action AND fabulous views of the city, if we got bored stood up and leaned over the wall. 

First up was Nadal against Del Potro.  Now Nadal is my sister Kate’s favorite player and the reason we were at the open, so it was painful to watch as he went down in flames 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 to Del Potro.  Apparently it’s the worst beating he’s taken in quite a while.  Yeah.  So glad we got to see that.  But in fairness, Del Potro was playing incredibly well.

Next up was the daily food foray and the options continued to be bleak.  Kate opted for a quesadilla that was pretty decent, I went for an Italian sandwich that was surprisingly filling and fairly fresh and my husband went for the lunch of champions – Heineken. 

Before the second semi-final match, Arthur Ashe was posthumously inducted into the Court of Champions and former President Bill Clinton gave the keynote speech for the induction.  Had no idea this was coming, so this was a really cool perk of the day as I have to admit, after reading “My Life,” I am definitely a Clinton fan.

Next up was Federer v Djokovic.  Djokovic has defeated Federer 2 of the last 3 times they’ve met so we were looking forward to a close match.  We weren’t disappointed.  Over the course of more than two hours, Federer and Djokovic battled.  In between sets, there were plenty of celeb sightings as Charlize Theron, Jack Nicholson, Paul Simon, Gwen Stefani, Gerard Butler, Josh Hartnett and more were in attendance.  Federer finally defeated Djokovic 7-6, 7-5, 7-5. 

Tomorrow we head to the finals and even though we like Federer, we’re hoping for an upset and a Del Potro victory!

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