Crepes and Gas Works – Just a Typical Seattle Outing

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park

My lil sis, Kate, is in town visiting before heading home to start UCLA in the fall.  When she visits I get to play tourist and visit lots of eating spots I’ve been meaning to try out.  Today we did both.

After a preparatory work out, we headed to Anita’s Crepes for a very late breakfast.  I had heard great things about Anita’s Crepes, but had been foiled in my previous attempt to validate the raves because Anita’s is closed on Tuesdays, which of course was the day I picked for my crepe outing. 

By the time we arrived at Anita’s Crepes, we were ravenous and the extensive menu gave us plenty of options to extinguish our hunger.  In addition to a wide selection of sweet and savory crepes, there were also more traditional offerings such as French toast, French onion soup, salads and even traditional bangers and mash. 

Kate and I, who are devoted cheese junkies, opted to start with the cheese and fruit plate.  We were not disappointed.  The beauty of the fruit and cheese plate is that it is simplicity itself – a generous wedge of brie surrounded by fresh, thinly sliced pears, strawberries and blueberries and accompanied by a thick slice of crusty artisanal bread.

For our main courses we chose the apple confit sweet crepe and Anita’s breakfast: two eggs (we had them scrambled), your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage (we chose bacon) and a cinnamon sugar or raspberry jam crepe (we went with the cinnamon).  I am generally very reluctant to order plain scrambled eggs at a restaurant because they almost always turn out too cooked and flat for my taste.  I will never hesitate to order eggs at Anita’s.  The eggs were fluffy, soft, and cooked just the way I like them.  The bacon was nice and crisp.   The crepes?  All I can say is YUM.  The apple confit crepe consisted of a large thin sweet crepe wrapped around sautéed and spiced apples and topped with Chantilly crème.  The cinnamon crepe was that same style thin sweet crepe spread with a cinnamon sugar mixture that tasted like the one my Mom made for toast when I was a kid.  This was also topped with crème and cinnamon.  While enjoying our crepes, we also ogled other people’s crepes, especially the nutella and banana.  Anita’s was almost completely full while we were there and everyone seemed to be relishing their meals.  We will definitely be back to try some savory crepes and I have my eye on a fresh lemon and brulee sugar crepe as well.

After brunch, Kate and I drove past Troll Ave and the Troll under the bridge immortalized in 10 Things I Hate About You and then stopped off at Gas Works Park.  I went because I had heard about some guerilla art (artists in Seattle have a habit of putting up art installations late at night in public places without permits) that had been installed in the park and Kate, being a Heath Ledger devotee, wanted to see one of the other filming spots of 10 Things I Hate About You (Gasworks Park is the setting for the paintball scene – which does not exist at the park FYI).  Unfortunately, the guerilla art installation was long gone, but Kate got to see the filming spot and we got to take in an amazing view of Seattle while working off some small portion of those crepes.  Just a typical Seattle outing!

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