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Fine Wine, Fried Food and Fast Cars – I’m Off to the Races!

Indy 500For my husband’s birthday this year, I took him to the Indianapolis 500.  Since it was a milestone birthday, we did the races VIP style (I bought the package to the Indy at the Sonoma Paradiso charity auction).  We had pit access the entire weekend up to a few moments before the race began.  We did “hot laps,” which means we were driven 110 mph around the track by 2 time Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk.   And we spent the weekend in Mari Hulman George’s suites (owner’s suites) at the track and attending her parties.  My husband being an amateur photo-nut took hundreds of pictures of the cars, the drivers, and the track (the pic below is mine, not his). 

We also had a chance to explore some of the local cuisine, which in addition to the swankier places, included Indianapolis’s oldest drive-in – Mug ‘n Bun.  If you’re from the West Coast, Mug ‘n Bun is a must – a fried food extravaganza the likes of which I doubt the West Coast could or would replicate.  There were the usual fried offerings – onion rings and corn dogs – and then there were the sublime – Macaroni and Cheese wedges – fried triangles filled with ooey, gooey Mac n Cheese yumminess.  Ironically, Mug ‘n Bun was recommended by my vegan Pilates instructor – for the rootbeer (which admittedly is delicious)!

We had an amazing weekend, especially because we met and got to spend time with a lot of really great people.  Fortunately, for us we managed to forge some friendships (something that would never happen so quickly in Seattle – more on that later) and this weekend we are reuniting for the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California.  How could we pass up wine country and races?  So, I’m off for a weekend of fine wine, fried food (a suite specialty) and fast cars!

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