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The Perils of Working From Home – OMG I Gained 15 Pounds!

When I moved to Seattle, I turned from a full-time employee to a work as much as I want (when the work is there) independent contractor. 

There are many perks to this situation: unlimited vacation time; a flexible schedule that allows me to book appointments in the middle of the day; sweats are acceptable work attire, and of course, many more opportunities for sleep (I can’t even begin to count the number of winter mornings I slept til 10 or 11).

There are also many perils, one of the biggest, I am sorry to say I discovered, is weight gain.  Spending 95% of my days wearing the work-at-home sweats uniform didn’t alert me to the fact that while I was sleeping in I was also expanding.  Sweats are loose and there’s so much stretch in today’s jeans that it’s easy to go up a size without noticing!  Having a house full of food at my disposal doesn’t help.  It just makes mindless munching much, much, much easier.  I may not be hungry, but my tastebuds, those traitors, will say, “Hmmm a sweet taste would be good right now . . .” or “how about some spice?”  “A little bit can’t hurt. . .”  A bite of this and that seems innocent, certainly nothing to worry about right?

15 pounds later it definitely became something to worry about.  Suddenly I was down to one pair of jeans and a few skirts that could make it over my expanded mid-section and I absolutely refuse to buy clothes for this expanded frame!  As a result I have a closet full of clothes 90% of which don’t fit.

Time for an emergency revamp.  Step 1, kitchen clearing.  No more snack foods and no more easy foods.  Now, if I want to eat, it’s either fruit or putting in the effort to prepare a meal.  Although, I do keep some Lean Cuisines for crazy busy days, I try not to dip in too often since they almost always leave me hungry (the paninis are almost an exception). 

Step 2, wake up at 6:30 am (ouch), instead of 8:30 am, and exercise: 45 minutes of fast-walking on the treadmill (4.4 mph at a 4% incline) plus 30 mins of  toning exercises with free weights.  On Fridays, I add pilates into the mix to try to put the brakes on the ever-expanding core. 

Once upon a time, the weight would have melted off, but these days it seems like if I even look at a piece of cake I gain 5 pounds!

60 days since my I can barely squeeze into my “fat” jeans discovery, I’ve only lost 3 pounds (eating out may be to blame – SIGH).  Depressing.  But I’ve lost 1-2 inches everywhere, 2% body fat, and squeezed back into an additional pair of jeans (4 more to go), so I guess it’s not a complete defeat.  I’m starting to add running intervals into my treadmill workouts (and I am so not a runner so this is a big deal) and throwing an hour long treadmill hill-climb in once a week.  Hopefully, this will help make the scale budge.  I’ll certainly be healthier if nothing else.

That said, my slow progress, in a word, blows.  I can definitely use some help.  Anyone have any weight loss tips to share?


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  1. whytheweight.wordpress.com 🙂

  2. I know the feeling. What’s the webaddress for your blog? Would love to check it out.

  3. hmmm I wish that was my post youre referring to but Im not sure it was , im blog challenged but learning ……

  4. whytheweight: Loved your post “Treadmill versus getting outside, and mental health.” When are you going to start posting again?

  5. check out my about section in my blog

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