Relocation: From the OC to Seattle

I am a California girl, born and raised. I spent most of high school on the beach, went to college by the beach and spent countless days enjoying the sun, the sand and only having to wear a coat 1-2 months out of the year.

Then, as the story always goes, I met a man. A man who was smart, charming and sexy, but lived in Seattle. Because, as you know, there is always a catch, or in this case a major stumbling block.

Our romance moved quickly despite the fact that we could only see each other twice a month and, much to the chagrin of Alaska Airlines, after one and one-half years of dating we started looking at rings and six months later we got married. When we started dating I was fairly certain the weather, if nothing else, would cause us to take-up residence together in the OC. I was wrong.

Work and family dictated that my husband stay in Seattle and my work was flexible (I can work remotely a lot). So, on Feb 3, 2007 – 15 days before our wedding – we made the drive, and I made the move, from sunny Southern California to only sunny in the summer Seattle.

Seattle is a beautiful city – a smaller, cleaner San Francisco – and I am a city girl. But I’m also a former sun worshipper who doesn’t like the cold and certainly doesn’t like the rain. So, while I have grown to love much about the Emerald City – the restaurants, theater, museums, Sounders and even the Mariners (I was an Angels girl) – in a word, the transition has been and continues to be rough.

While my perspectives may be unique, many of my experiences are probably not. So, in writing this blog I hope to help, encourage, or at least entertain other transplants and those that love them. Cultural differences will become commentary fodder, restaurants will be tried out and reviewed, events will be attended, the skies will often and for extended periods of time be gray (so book and movie commentary is likely). For now, however, the sun is shining, and like a Seattlelite, I’m heading for the sun.

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