Happy Bastille Day!

I miss Paris. I think I must go back soon.  Perhaps permanently. Voulez-vous?


Cafe Campagne: Classic French Bistro Cuisine

Bagna Cauda

Last year Jim and I were invited to our friends’ sister’s wedding in India.  We were also invited to stay with our friends’ parents in Delhi for the festivities. 

At a Mehendi Party in India

We quickly fell in love with them and can’t wait to catch up every time they come to town.  We also use their visits as an excuse to try to repay a tiny slice of the hospitality they showed us in India.  

This visit we decided to take them to Cafe Campagne in Post Alley.  Having just returned from Paris, I was craving classic French food and French wine.  I wasn’t disappointed. Between the 6 of us we sampled a good part of the menu, including the regional prix-fixe which featured a hot, salty Bagna Cauda starter (crudites served with a hot anchovy sauce), a creamy Brandade, and a palate-cleansing fruit sorbet with tasty Marseilles cookies subtly flavored with orange flower water.  (For complete restaurant and food details, check out my full review here.)  From the roasted chicken to the lamb burger everyone declared their meal worthy and tucked in with relish and our friends tempted us with tales of places in India we have not yet seen. 

Jim and I haven’t decided where our next adventure will take us, but Southern India is suddenly very tempting.

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